Life’s Secret Bangladeshi Folk Tale

In a kingdom far away ruled a mighty king who had two wives, the Suo queen and the Duo queen. The Suo queen was beloved by the people for her kindness and generosity. However, she had borne the king no children after many years of marriage, which caused her great sorrow.

One day, as the Suo queen sat in her chambers lamenting her barrenness, she heard the cries of a beggar at the palace gates. Moved with compassion, she brought the holy mendicant rice from her stores. But when asked if she had children, the queen could only hang her head in shame.

“The Suo queen went to the door with a handful of rice”

Seeing her distress, the holy man told her not to lose hope. He revealed he possessed a magical pill that would grant her a son if consumed. But the child’s life would be tied to a prophecy. The son would be as beautiful as a pomegranate flower and named Dalim Kumar.

However, enemies would seek the boy’s life. His existence would be bound to a necklace located within a box in the heart of a large fish kept in the palace tanks. As long as the necklace remained undisturbed, Dalim would live. If removed, he would perish.

The queen eagerly ate the pill, and in time gave birth to the radiant Dalim Kumar. The kingdom rejoiced at the news of an heir. All seemed well until Dalim reached his teen years, and the Duo queen’s envy grew.

Though also married to the king, the Duo queen had borne no children of her own. She resented the Suo queen’s status and popularity. Spying an opportunity, she began eavesdropping at the garden house where Dalim played.

There, she overheard Dalim’s friend tell of the secret prophecy connecting Dalim’s life to the fish. The Duo queen hatched a plan to eliminate her rival and seize power. She tricked Dalim into revealing the secret by withholding his pet pigeons.

With the knowledge, the Duo queen pretended to fall gravely ill. She convinced the king only the oil from the large fish’s heart could cure her. When the fish was opened, the magical necklace was discovered as foretold.

At that very moment, Dalim collapsed in the palace. All believed him dead, including the distraught king and Suo queen. But the Duo queen’s machinations were not yet complete. She had the boy’s body locked away in a secluded garden house to prolong the family’s grief.

Unbeknownst to the kingdom, Dalim was not truly dead. At night, he would revive when the Duo queen removed the enchanted necklace. On one such night, Dalim discovered a girl had become trapped within the garden’s walls at dusk.

Over time, Dalim and the girl, Padmini, fell deeply in love. With no one else to turn to, they married in a secret ceremony. But Padmini was stricken to find her new husband remained lifeless come each dawn.

She vowed to discover a way to fully revive her love. After consulting with Dalim and his loyal friend, Padmini devised a plan. She disguised herself as a traveling barber and gained an audience with the royal wives.

Through clever tricks and flattery, Padmini managed to steal the cursed necklace from the Duo queen, who cared not for Dalim’s supposed corpse. With the treasure returned, Dalim was fully revived before a joyful Padmini’s eyes.

They revealed themselves to the shocked king and Suo queen. The Duo queen’s treachery was at last made known. For her crimes of deception and attempted regicide, she was sentenced to death and buried alive as punishment.

The kingdom celebrated Dalim’s miraculous return. He and Padmini were welcomed into the royal family with open arms. From that day on, Dalim and Padmini lived happily with their two sons, while the evil Duo queen’s influence was no more. Peace and prosperity reigned over the land under the leadership of the noble Suo queen, king, and their beloved heir Dalim Kumar.