We are Folk Tale– Our passion lies in sharing these enchanting stories and welcoming new stories contributed by our very own ‘Folk Tellers’.

What can you do on Folk-tales.com?

  1. Read fairy tales, folk tales, and fables from diverse cultures, including user tales crafted by our ‘Folk Tellers’.
  2. Join our ‘Folk Teller’ network: Share your own user tales, comment on others’ stories, and receive feedback on your creations.
  3. Participate in our writing competitions for a chance to win exciting prizes.
  4. Immerse yourself in the magical world of fairy tales trivia through our blog.

How to become a ‘Folk Teller’ and submit your own user tales:

  1. Register: Create a free account on Folk-tales.com, customizing it with images and website links. No fees are associated with our website.
  2. Upload: Share your story under an appropriate category, copying it from a word processor or Google Docs for backup.
  3. Ensure your title is in sentence case (e.g., Once Upon a Time.
  4. Submit your story as one post without dividing it into parts. No word limit applies for non-competition submissions.

How to enter writing competitions:

  1. Register: Create a free account on Folk-tales.com, customizing it as desired.
  2. Upload: Share your competition story using a separate word document for backup.
  3. Submit: Enter your story once the competition is live, adhering to a minimum of 300 words and a maximum of 5000 words.
  4. Share: Promote your folk tale link on social media; a minimum of 5 likes qualifies for the competitions.

Types of stories not allowed for publication/submission:

  1. Non-stories (lists, polls, previews, challenges, author notes, etc.)
  2. Adult content (sex, self-harm, graphic violence)
  3. Discriminatory & Offensive Speech
  4. Stories in unintelligible language or languages other than English
  5. Stories outside the realms of fairy tales, folk tales, fables, or folklore
  6. Content plagiarized from an author or existing work