In the tranquil realms of ancient Greek mythology, there lived a mortal named Endymion, whose story intertwined with the silvery glow of the moon and the enchantments of eternal sleep.

Endymion was a shepherd of exceptional beauty, his visage captivating both mortals and immortals alike. Selene, the goddess of the moon, became enamored by Endymion’s radiant countenance as she cast her nightly gaze upon the Earth. Her heart, usually untouched by mortal affairs, succumbed to a profound and enduring love for the shepherd.

Unable to resist the allure of Endymion, Selene descended from the celestial heights to mingle with the mortal world. Finding the shepherd asleep on the slopes of Mount Latmus in Caria, she bent down and bestowed upon him a gentle kiss.

In that moment, Selene made a fervent plea to Zeus, the king of the gods, requesting that Endymion be granted eternal youth and preserved in a perpetual slumber. The compassionate Zeus, moved by Selene’s plea, granted her request. Endymion, the shepherd of unmatched beauty, would remain in a state of undying youth, locked in an eternal sleep, untouched by the passage of time.

Endymion’s place of rest became a sacred site, a testament to the enduring power of love and the whims of the divine. Night after night, Selene descended from the moon to be with her slumbering love, casting her silver light upon the serene face of Endymion as he dreamed in perpetual repose.